4/20 is coming up (we guess),

4/20 is coming up (we guess), and ha ha let's all smoke pot! And on the pothead holiday, Nike will be releasing about 1,000 pairs of the Cheech and Chong SB, a sneaker inspired by the classic stoner flick. Not only are the fabrics inspired by the characters' headwear, but the shoes have tear-away canvas that reveals green suede underneath, which looks just like pot. Since Nike Air Griffey Max sneakers are in limited supply, N-SB.org recommends cozying up to the folks on the 420 Forum Thread, Nike Air Max 1 one person writes, "I have news from a reliable source that there will be another Bratrud Air Max Tailwind Nike Air Max 180+ 4/20/11. Nike ACG Air Max Goadome shoe will be based off a joint, and will feature Nike Air Max 2003 scratch/wear concept featured in the Liberty Dunk. As you put the shoe through daily use, the top layer will wear away revealing a bottom layer. This will cause the shoe to resemble a joint in the process of being smoked." Sometimes, we just don't understand fashion. Air Max 2009 Air Max 2010 Air Max 2011 Air Max Griffey
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